Prior Learning

Experience Is Now Valued With Prior Learning Assessment

Experience is the most important measure of recruitment and promotions in the professional life. Experience is the measure that assists the recruiters to decide the income of the candidate. With experience, recruiters can easily rate the abilities and knowledge of the candidate. Experience marks the practicality of the candidate in the respective field. However, there is one thing that derives the importance of experience. That one thing is known as education. Without the required degree in the respective field, the experience of the individual does not count. For example, if an individual has years of experience in the field but lacks a professional degree, then his/her years of experience does not count. Now, this gets unfair for those who had to quit education because of legit reasons. A fair system was the need of time and this vacuum was filled with prior learning assessment.

Prior Learning Assessment is a process with which the experience of an individual is assessed. Any learning, experience, knowledge, skill or ability that an individual have learnt or gained, it is easily transformed into academic credentials with prior learning assessment. The expert panel analyzes the experience and learning of the individual before transforming it into an academic document. If the experience and learning matches the criteria, then that individual is awarded with prior learning degree. It is a great chance for all individuals to make their efforts and learning count. No matter where you gained your experience from, if it matches the criteria of prior learning degree, it is transformed and converted into it.

Now, working professionals and students can apply for prior learning assessment and avail all the benefits they deserve. Students, who have achieved or gained any learning or experience, they can submit the documents with prior learning assessment to avail the degree. Working professionals can easily get their experience counted and valued with prior learning assessment. The panel will carefully assess their experience and once it qualifies, then they will be awarded with prior learning degree. It is an excellent chance to get your efforts and hard work valued. Most importantly, the positive impact that it provides to the career of individuals is huge. A lot of individuals with prior learning degrees have experienced an unbelievable change in their careers. The career growth that was stagnant for years, with prior learning assessment it was boosted. Because of prior learning assessment, they started to get bonus, appraisals and promotions. With their career, even their lifestyles experienced a huge improvisation. Thus, if you want all the benefits that your experience, you should get your efforts valued now with prior learning assessment.